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Rail and Metro Maps of the World

Urban railways, or "metros", include subways, elevated or underground railroads and other rapid transit technologies that are becoming popular in many cities around the world.  Travelers too, are more acquainted with taking metros.

There are two types of metro maps, route diagrams and geographic metro maps.  Those noting "not to scale" are route diagrams, where distortion is applied artistically for better presentation.  Route diagrams are needed for cities with a lot of subway and railway routes.  We try to minimize distortion; special attention is given to conserving the true direction of railway and metro lines as much as possible.

Note: Only metro lines that are in service or expected to be in service within one year are shown.  Please revisit this page for updates.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Metro Systems

  • Cairo - Cairo Metro and Egyptian National Railways
Metro Map of Cairo

Cairo, Egypt
[English] [Bilingual]

Johannesburg, South Africa


Metro Systems

  • Sydney - CityRail Networks


Sydney, NSW, Australia

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Special Metro Plan Map Collection

  • The following are maps with railway line extension currently under construction and planned routes.
  • Not for tourists!
Rail Map of Sydney

Sydney, NSW, Australia
by Bernard Ng

All rights reserved