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Other names of Kaohsiung:
Gaoxiong (Mainland Chinese pinyin, not used)
Historic names include  Takao (name during Japanese occupation (1895-1946)

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Kaohsiung City (Traditional Chinese:高雄市, TongYong PinYin: GaoSyóng, Hanyu Pinyin: Gāoxióng, POJ: Ko-hiông; coordinates 22?8'N, 120?6'E) is the second largest city on Taiwan. ( population around 1,510,000 ) with eleven districts. Kaohsiung City is administered directly by the central government of the Republic of China.

Kaohsiung is a major center for manufacturing, refining, and transportation. Unlike Taipei, the streets of Kaohsiung are wide and traffic is less congested than in Taipei. However, the air pollution around Kaohsiung is notoriously bad because of the heavy industry in the area. Kaohsiung is the major port through which most of Taiwan's oil is imported, which accounts for the large amount of heavy industry.

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