Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region - Aug '05

Tengri Tagh (Tian Shan) Mountains, Xinjiang

Tengri Tagh (Tian Shan)

Nice exposures of Tianshan rocks - Metamorphic rocks formed in the Paleozoic era (543 to 248 M years ago).  Greenschist facies rocks resulting from a high pressure low temperature facies; alternate layering of red rock (age unknown) and green greenschists.

White horse

White horse

Xinjiang Naan

Nan (or nang in Chinese, Naan in Hindi), the term just means bread in Persian and Uyghur.  Kazakhs form the majority of the population in and north of Tengri Tagh Mountain Ranges. 

Tian Shan rocks

More greenschist facies rocks.



Highest peak of Tengri Tagh in the background, the lake is called Yaochi.  Genghis Khan, emperor of Mongolia, met with the leader of the Taoist leader Xiu Chuji here in the 12th century.


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