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Other names of Tianjin:
Jin (short form)
Tientsin (Old transliteration)

Adjective: Tianjinese (rarely used)
Short form: Jin (津)

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Tianjin (Chinese: 天津; Pinyin: Tiānjīn; Postal System Pinyin: Tientsin) is one of the four municipalities of the People's Republic of China. As a municipality, Tianjin has provincial-level status and comes directly under the central government. Tianjin's urban area is the third largest city in Mainland China.

Tianjin's urban area is located along the Hai He River. Its ports, some distance away, are located on Bohai Gulf of the Pacific Ocean. Tianjin Municipality borders Hebei province to the north, south, and west; the municipality of Beijing in a small portion to the northwest; and Bohai Gulf to the east.

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