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Map of Fujian

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Map of Fujian
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Other names of Fujian:
Min (short form)
Fukien (Old Name)

Adjective: Fujianese (Uncommon)

Fujian is situated in the transition zone between China's subtropical south and temperate east coast.  The coastal area of Fujian are lined with many fishing villages.  The western mountains are suitable for tea plantations.

Fujian had been historically a poor province.  The Fujianese and Cantonese are the two main groups that emigrate from China.  Fujian's Changle harbour, near Fuzhou, had risen to fame because it is from this harbour that Zheng He (Cheng Ho) and his large convoy departed during the Ming Dynasty to the Indian Ocean which reached as far as to Kenya in East Africa.  Since the 1200's, Chinese people, mostly from Fujian, left the Mainland in large numbers to settle on the Island of Taiwan.  The aboriginal peoples of Polynesian origin, were displaced into the mountains and the east coast of Taiwan. 

The Wuyi Mountain area is well-known in China for its teas.  There are two major language groups in Fujian, the  Minnan and the Fuzhou (Fuchow).  Minnan is almost identical to the local language used in Taiwan (although Mandarin is the only official language on both sides of the Taiwan Straight).  The neighbouring region of Chaosan (Chiuchow) in Guangdong Province, speaks a language closely resembling Minnan.  Minnan is spoken in Chinese communities in the Philippines, Indonesia, New York City, and to a lesser extent in Singapore and Malaysia.    

Fujian Today
Recently, many workers originating from coastal Fujian villages risk their lives to travel to foreign countries for better wages.  Unfortunately some of them are treated inhumanely by "people smugglers".  Overfishing, a global problem, is a potential problem that threatens many coastal villages.  Fujian is hit by numerous typhoons
in the summer.