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About Johomaps

Based in Vancouver, Canada with links to geographers around the world, JohoMaps! is here to serve all of you who love maps.  At JohoMaps!, we believe that cartography is both a science and an art.  We work hard to bring you the most updated and user-friendly maps for all your traveling, learning and planning needs.

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Mission Statement

To create a meeting place for map-users and innovative cartographers

Our vision

If you are a pilot (or a bird) with trained eyes and very good memory, your flight height, path, and duration are unlimited, you don't need maps.  For the rest of us, maps are our friends!  They enable the human race to imagine and envision space, towns and cities, regions, countries, empires, continents and the world as a whole.

Maps are some of the most practical artworks on the planet.  Cartographers must be able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of map users.  A geological map or a 19th century one would not be very helpful for your sightseeing trip.

JohoMaps! is founded by a few friends who are discontent with the lack of maps that reflect the current reality of the world.  Why are most maps of Asian cities unilingual, ie, only  in English or the local language?  Do subway maps always have to be distorted to fit the rectangular space in a  subway car?  Modern technology has enabled us to map faster than ever, and most cartographers are taking advantage of it by producing a great deal of geographic products.

Don't get me wrong, I think cartographers have done a great job making available geographic information to the general public. But as there is more and more information to be presented on limited space, we need some new ways to selectively and intelligently present that information.  At JohoMaps! we believe in the importance of local knowledge and culture in map making.  We gather cartographers from a variety of both cultural and professional backgrounds to produce maps with a difference.  Our maps may be breaking traditional cartographic rules, but they will surely be a great companion for your next trip!